Stonewall Kitchen Chili Recipe and Biscuit Sandwich Recipe

So, something pretty cool just happened.  I came across Stonewall Kitchen  They have a great lineup of products…their jellies, jams, and preserves in particular! So I decided to create a couple recipes to showcase these delicious treats.

The first was a big ol’ bowl of chili.  I love making chili because its really hearty and satisfying, but also has bright flavors, which not many stews can boast.  I used Stonewall Kitchen’s fire roasted salsa, which has a beautiful roasted flavor all on its own, and roasted apples for a touch of sweetness, which was nice.  I also used a handful of their lime and sea salt tortilla chips…which are also good to use as a fork for said chili!


Stonewall Chili:

1 Jar fire roasted salsa

2 lbs. pork shoulder cut into dice sized cubes

1 Cup chicken stock

1 Tbls. chili powder

1 Tsp. ground cumin

1 Tsp.  ground coriander

1 Tbls. tomato paste

10 Lime and sea salt tortilla chips, crushed

5 Tbls. olive oil

Start by setting a large pot containing the olive oil on high heat.  Brown the pork shoulder in batches until all the pieces are nicely brown and crispy, and reserve.  Pour off all the excess fat and use the chicken stock to deglaze the bottom of the pan.  Now add in the salsa, spices, crushed chips, and tomato paste and simmer for 3 hours.  You may need to add a little water from time to time to keep it wet enough so it won’t burn on the bottom, so check on it every 20  minutes or so.  After 3 hours, the pork should just fall apart at the touch.  Serve over rice, or just get a big bowl and enjoy.  Serves two.


The next recipe I created is a biscuit sandwich.  Luckily, Stonewall Kitchen has a delicious cheddar and herb biscuit mix that is easy to make and really delicious.


Prosciutto and Jalapeno Jelly Biscuit Sandwiches :

1 box cheddar herb biscuit mix

1 stick of cold butter cut into small cubes

2/3 Cup of milk

12 slices of good quality prosciutto

1 jar apple jalapeno jelly

egg wash, 1 egg and 2 tablespoons water mixed together

I love recipes like this because its deliciousness to difficulty ratio is 100 to 1.  In other words, it’s easy and tasty, two things that go together very well!  Pre heat your oven according to the recipe instructions, and line a sheet pan with parchment paper or a silicone mat.  Get a large bowl and empty the biscuit mix into the bowl.  Add in the butter and very gently rub the butter into the flour mix.  The trick is, and I learned this from another chef, pretend like you have arthritis!  This will really  help with the final result.  To keep the biscuits flaky, don’t over work the butter and flour.  It doesn’t have to be completely combined, if you see some pea sized chunks of butter, let them be.  This will also help the final texture.  Once the butter and flour is combined.  add in the milk.  This part also must not be overworked. Turn the flour over in the bowl until the milk is absorbed, and turn the contents onto the counter or a cutting board.  gently press and fold over a few times to bring the dough together.  It should just barely come together.  Now with the loose lump of dough on your cutting board, roll or press it into a rectangle that is 1/2 inch thick.  It always amazes me how quickly the dough forms.  Cut the rectangle into 12 equal squares and arrange on your parchment so there is a little space between each one.  Brush with the egg wash and sprinkle a few flecks of salt on top. Regular salt will work fine, but if you have access to Maldon salt or something with large flakes, you will be rewarded with a nice salty crunch.  Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until you see a light golden brown forming on top.  Remove and let cool.

biscuit-dough   cheddar-biscuits

Now that the biscuits are done, cut them in half and fill with a slice of prosciutto and a generous amount of apple jalapeno jelly.  Serve and enjoy.  I could probably put away the whole batch myself, but this should serve three comfortably.



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